Azeus Convene

Azeus Convene is a revolutionary board meeting portal that simplifies the process of remote and personal collaboration. Unique features and specifications of the application help to achieve the desired results without any offline encounters.

Azeus availability

Distant communication of board members is the primary concern of the board meeting app. Azeus Convene is ultimately popular among customers who require quality software for planning events, solving problems and analyzing the results. Azeus Convene is available for Android, iOS and Windows, as well as the cloud. Exclusive tools and time-tested features of the service make it suitable for the use by non-profit establishments, private companies, and government organizations. It is not only trusted and reliable software but also completely safe.

Azeus Convene is inevitable for institutions that require regular meetings of the board members, especially if they live in different countries. Location, time zone, and similar factors do not influence the quality of communication. Completely interactive encounters are possible as customers can use beneficial functions to make them heard and seen.

Key Features of Azeus Convene

With a plethora of useful features, Azeus Convene is one of the most reliable and demanded board portal solutions on the contemporary market. The vendor claims its services to be completely safe and protected, easy to access and use, effective and functional. In addition to a list of standard features, it can also offer:

  • Cross-platform communication;
  • Hosting;
  • Chance to solve problems and make decisions irrespective of time or place;
  • Whiteboard;
  • Online and offline access;
  • Presentation tools;
  • Meeting, document and board management;
  • Multiple format support and others.
Azeus security options

With this revolutionary boardroom software, users can create board books, plan meetings and categorize materials. Besides, there is an opportunity to notify all the board members about a certain event instantly. A built-in support feature provides customers with a chance to upload documents in different formats. High level of information protection, constant updates, role delegation, comments and annotations, analysis and assets combined with other functions make Azeus Convene one of the leading board portal apps offered on the market.

Azeus Convene Review

  • Safe. Its security services are highly estimated by various companies around the world as they guarantee ultimate confidentiality and protection of all the files and materials. The host can control access to the documents. The platform also eliminates the risk of passing the information to the third party. 
  • Productive. Board participants who join Azeus Convene get a chance to increase their efficiency by discussing serious issues, signing necessary documents, reviewing materials and managing files online and offline.
  • Economical. With the board portal by Azeus Convene, the company can considerably reduce their expenses, related to physical board members meetings and their management. Share sensitive materials online, plan the meeting, notify its members about the event, mention the agenda, analyze the work and draw conclusions easily and at zero cost.