Board Portal Software Reviews

Board management software is an alternative to traditional physical boardrooms. Maximal safety of information, enhanced meeting management, affordable board app, and many other factors have contributed to increasing popularity and use of board portal software among boards of directors.

Top Board Management Software Providers

BoardMaps is a provider of high-quality online board portal software - a dedicated tool for the board management. Using it businesses can streamline the workflow and improve the communication between board directors. BoardMaps will help you make your board meetings more productive and short by letting everyone get ready for the discussion in advance.
Reliable and time-tested board document management solution will help you collaborate with other members of the board of directors at a completely new level. iDeals board portal is the software for companies that are looking for professional, beneficial and 100% secure boardroom software.
Nasdaq Boardvantage is unique boardroom software for executives and directors, who are ready to improve the effectiveness of their meetings and enhance the productivity of their companies. The service offers a wide diversity of tools and options.
Diligent boards software is the leading option appreciated on the modern board portal market due to its dependability and professionalism. Unique tools, customer-friendly services, and an easy-to-navigate platform help to improve communication and collaboration of the board members.
Searching for a reliable and cost-effective board portal software? BoardEffect may be one of the most reasonable board portals. Advanced meeting management, excellent services and features for the board directors make the software one of the leading options on the market.
Arrange meetings within institutions and companies with the Boardable app. Learn more about its features and functionality.
Following BoardPaq reviews, it is one of the most cost-effective board portals for successful and easy board meeting management available on the modern market. Transparent services, no hidden fees, easy-to-navigate site, and similar features contribute to its popularity among board of directors software. 
OnBoard Passageways software is designed to improve the efficiency of company management, featuring access settings, protection of confidential information, a wide range of tools for monitoring activities.

Best Board Portals and Their Specifications  

The vast majority of board meeting software feature similar services and functions but each one of them is still unique, with its specifications and peculiarities. Check top 3 trusted and reliable board software, providers:

Boardmaps is a modern board management solution. It focuses on preparation, meeting itself, and after-meeting actions. Besides, this tool helps in compliance. All these features make Boardmaps so useful for a wide circle of businesses around the world.
iDeals board portal is responsible for communication between the board of directors when its members can focus on implementing ideas and solving problems rather than on the efforts to manage teamwork.
Diligent board portal provides clients with up-to-date governance tools and solutions that help the members of the board expand their possibilities in a completely secure environment.

Board Portal Software Review

If you’re looking for a board portals comparison, this is a place to find it. The great thing about board software is that it isn’t only for CEOs and managers. Instead, all team members can use it to share files, define tasks, and reach common goals.

Our website offers a detailed board software comparison — for you to analyze and define your options. We searched the entire market looking for the best board software. And since there is no one-size-fits-all solution, our list may be the only thing you’ll need to find the best-fitting solution.

Without further ado, let’s just proceed to our board portal software comparison!

What you should look for when comparing board software

The first thing we’ll learn is common features you’ll come across in board meeting software reviews. Here is a quick overview of the characteristics that comparison of board portals should focus on:

  • Member directory. This feature allows checking the members of the committee or board and accessing their contact information at ease.
  • Managing committees. It allows you to divide members into different committees and communicate only with a particular group if needed.
  • Scheduling. This is a crucial feature in most board portals since it ensures you can create and coordinate meetings.
  • Document management. A suite of features for document management that allows uploading and sharing files with others, as well as regulating access permissions.
  • Collaboration features. This ensures that stakeholders can read or comment on files, which most board portal software reviews consider important.
  • Mobile support. If you compare portal software, being able to use it on the go should be a crucial feature.

Full guide to choosing board management software: Factors to consider

The best board meeting software comparison sites know that it’s all about finding the tool that works for you. Here are the questions to ask when looking for the most suitable option!

  1. What does your company need? While browsing the board management software comparison, you should focus on features that your company needs. Do you have many committees and would appreciate an option to sort members accordingly? Are you looking for a reliable virtual room to hold meetings? Write down the features you need and focus on when browsing a board management software review.
  2. Do you want hosted or SaaS board software? You’ll encounter these two types in the board of directors portal reviews. If you pick a hosted option, you’ll need a server for the product. SaaS software means the provider keeps the software online, and you’ll use the internet to access it. The former can boost your privacy, but the latter is a cheaper option.
  3. Is the software easy-to-se? Even if you are tech-savvy, you’ll still appreciate an intuitive interface. You want a modern tool design, clean layout, and menus that make navigation easy. Portal software reviews will also mention which providers are ready to offer training on how to use their tool.
  4. Does the price fit your budget? You can’t escape board portal pricing comparison. Several things will affect the total price, such as the setup fee, number of users, and software type. Some platforms might offer trial periods that allow testing the tool before purchasing it.


Do you feel ready to check board portals reviews and find your favorite? Ultimately, it all comes down to your preference. The tool should fit the company’s budget and have features that accommodate your business needs.

Our board portal software reviews will help you to find the most suitable tool. Make sure to browse each review carefully. That’s the only way to discover a long-term solution that will meet or even exceed your expectations!