Board Management Software Reviews

Board management software is an alternative to traditional physical boardrooms. Maximal safety of information, enhanced meeting management, affordable board app, and many other factors have contributed to increasing popularity and use of board portal software among boards of directors.

Top 8 Board Management Software Providers

BoardMaps is a provider of high-quality online board portal software - a dedicated tool for the board management. Using it businesses can streamline the workflow and improve the communication between board directors. BoardMaps will help you make your board meetings more productive and short by letting everyone get ready for the discussion in advance.
Reliable and time-tested board document management solution will help you collaborate with other members of the board of directors at a completely new level. iDeals board portal is the software for companies that are looking for professional, beneficial and 100% secure boardroom software.
iBabs provider has many years of experience in dealing with directors. That is where users find functions to meet their business needs. The tool is designed to improve convenience and efficiency.
Diligent board software is the leading option appreciated on the modern board portal market due to its dependability and professionalism. Unique tools, customer-friendly services, and an easy-to-navigate platform help to improve communication and collaboration of the board members.
Arrange meetings within institutions and companies with the Boardable app. Learn more about its features and functionality.
A viable option for managing a board of directors. BoardManagement is a feature-packed platform with a 30-day free trial. Simple and convenient board software with secure connection and data storage.
OnBoard Passageways software is designed to improve the efficiency of company management, featuring access settings, protection of confidential information, a wide range of tools for monitoring activities.
Aprio is a software solution for safe and efficient board meetings. It incorporates secure storage for business documents, a wide range of notification tools, and access settings.

A board portal is a crucial tool for any type of modern business that facilitates 100% safe and secure communication between a board of directors. Board portals are used to maintain work and improve communication between the members of the board of directors and guarantee better collaboration. Board management software enables successful governance due to a range of necessary tools, especially voting options, messaging features, agenda tools, meeting minutes, and many others. Innovative board software technologies can simplify communication, data exchange, information updates, and help the executives run a business efficiently.

The implementation of virtual board software can promote your business and simplify its vital points. Thus, following the reviews, any virtual board of directors software features:

  • Security The main benefit of any board portal is the dependability of its services. While hackers work 24/7 to break the security system of your organization, a board meeting software is the guarantee of the maximal safety of sensitive information. The members of the board of directors portal can be 100% safe as they know their financial and confidential information is protected with up-to-date encryption and other systems.
  • Functionality Getting ready for a board meeting management usually takes much time and effort, especially if you sit on several boards. It is challenging for board of directors to keep track of all the changes and information updates. However, with the online and offline access to the board books, an opportunity to work on the computer and similar features make the board of directors portal useful and business successful.
  • Affordability No need for physical board meetings is an opportunity to decrease multiple expenses. All board documents can be managed online, so there is no need to print and send them to all the board members. Additionally, transportation and rent costs are eliminated.

Best Board Portals and Their Specifications  

The vast majority of board meeting software feature similar services and functions but each one of them is still unique, with its specifications and peculiarities. Check top 3 trusted and reliable board software providers:

BoardMaps board portal software
Boardmaps is a modern board management solution. It focuses on preparation, meeting itself, and after-meeting actions. Besides, this tool helps in compliance. All these features make Boardmaps so useful for a wide circle of businesses around the world.
iDeals Virtual Boardroom
iDeals board portal is responsible for communication between the board of directors when its members can focus on implementing ideas and solving problems rather than on the efforts to manage teamwork.
Diligent Board Portal
Diligent board portal provides clients with up-to-date governance tools and solutions that help the members of the board expand their possibilities in a completely secure environment.

Board Management Software Useful Features:

Saving Time and Money with Virtual Board Meetings 

A board portal is a convenient and functional software that improves communication between the board of directors and advances board collaboration. Unique features and exclusive functions of the online board meeting software help not only to enhance the productivity and functionality of your staff but also to save time and money related to physical meetings. There is no need to spend money on a range of options, such as transportation, communication, paper distribution, and others. Instead, all the members of the board of directors can access the necessary documents online and discuss them in a virtual boardroom.

Additionally, a plethora of other board collaboration software products are aimed at the eliminated costs of virtual board meetings and preserved time:

  • Rapid board book creation, editing, and distribution;
  • Easy control of the information security and board document management;
  • Timely communication with the members of the board;
  • Access to all the board documents and other materials at any time and from any place in the world;
  • Improved collaboration between directors and other members of the board;
  • Better collaboration before and after meetings;
  • Promoted governance strategy;
  • All the announcements and important notes come from one place, etc.

In fact, board management software advances the whole process of board functioning. Starting with simple directions and up to important announcements, board portal simplifies the task and guarantees better results. No need to travel to a different city or country and spend lots of money to gather together and discuss certain issues. Instead, access the platforms with the virtual boardroom and participate in the discussion.

Board Software for Secure Document Sharing

board meeting

Apart from convenience, safety is another important feature of a trusted board portal. Searching for a time-tested provider of board collaboration software, it is inevitable to pay due attention to its services and peculiarities. Make sure your online board meetings will be secure and ultimately protected. In any case, safety and confidentiality of its participants are the key concerns of the board of directors software provider. Here are several features that can increase chances to benefit from online board collaboration software:

  • 100% security. Basically, the board document is sensitive, so its management confidentiality is important. Depending on the board software provider you choose, you can take advantage of the most different security measures, with the crucial ones being two-factor authentication, complete encryption of all the communications and information within the virtual boardroom, role-based access control and others. 
  • Online and offline accessibility. Board members can easily view and download the necessary documents without any limits in time or locations. However, all the materials support an identically strict security level.
  • Online collaboration support provides the members of the board with an opportunity to leave comments and make notes while viewing documents. 
  • Board packet creation, editing, and distribution can be fulfilled by corporate secretaries who have special access to the platform. 
Board Portal Software’s Adaptability and Functionality
Meeting effectiveness

Productive meetings are the goal of all the board members, while a trusted and highly functional platform for virtual board meetings is one of the most effective ways of their achievement. Unique board portal software helps to hold a convenient event that is well-planned and structured. There is no reason to waste a minute as all the materials and documents are sent beforehand, so the members of the board can study the needed information in advance.  

Board Portals Comparison: Choosing the Best Provider for Your Business

The moment the executives gather, they don’t need to learn the materials but they can rather start planning and discussing the promotion of your business. Right after the meeting, directors have an opportunity to track the fulfillment of the plan with the task manager. An online board portal is a convenient, safe and functional option vital for directors, who are frequently on the road or just remote. The best board portals give a chance to participate in a discussion without being physically present.

Basically, board management software and its quality are the primary concerns of any reputable company, no matter how big or small it is. A properly selected provider and software is the guarantee of successful teamwork, better communication between the board members, improved organization and controlled work. The executives get all the necessary tools that help them be updated about all the new and changed materials or information uploading, exchange valuable data and keep track of all the processes. As a result, the board of directors can achieve high productivity of all online board meetings.

Board software comparison

While board portal software is ultimately popular and demanded in the contemporary business market, there are numerous platforms that provide customers with poor-quality, fake tools. Striving to avoid such situations and benefit from the maximal set of functions, it is important to investigate the existing offers first. Board portals comparison is one of the effective ways to opt for the best software available. Check the reviews and select the platform that suits not only your individual ambitions but also the requirements and specifications of your business. Maximal convenience, safety, and efficiency of boardroom meetings are only a few advantages of a properly made choice.

Board Portals Review: How to Read and Make Decisions 

board portal reviews

Once your company cannot function without an online board portal, it is inevitable to start an investigation and opt for a suitable platform that meets all your requirements and preferences. Learning boardroom reviews is the first thing that comes to mind while searching for a trusted and appreciated option. But what do you need to take into account first? How can you find the necessary platform just searching through board portal reviews? Here are several most important factors you need to pay attention to:

  • An ability to work and communicate in real-time. Definitely, a chance to access the necessary materials, revise data, send and receive documents 24/7 is a beneficial option. The vast majority of people are still searching for a service they can use for a centralized and immediate exchange of sensitive information. No matter where you are or what time it is, the board portal should be easily accessible. Additionally, it will help you reduce certain expenses, related to driving to the office or sending documents to all the members of the board. 
  • Safety of the platform. No doubt, you need an efficient and highly functional boardroom, but, most of all, you want it to be secure. Innovative encryption system, two-factor authentication, and many other options can help you achieve the desired results. Keep in mind that trusted platforms can easily share information about the safety certification system they have. Make sure the representatives of the vendor can answer all the questions related to the confidentiality level, safety, privacy policy, and similar issues. 
  • Reputation is an essential point that should influence your choice. Make sure the board portal vendors you choose from having a good reputation on the market, especially among the directors, executives, and officers. Good testimonials of customers are perfect proof that the software is worth using.

Choose the Best Board of Directors Software: what features to take into account?

Following board meeting software reviews, there are several solutions offered for small and big companies, who need special software they can use for meeting and exchange of important information. How to opt for the most dependable one? Take into account such features as:

  • Safety;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Functionality;
  • Convenience;
  • The simplicity of use;
  • Affordability;
  • Support and others.

Additionally, it is inevitable to remember that the board portal software should correspond to the specifications and features of your business. Follow simple recommendations and make sure you opt for the best:

  • Search the Internet and find a board portals comparison in a time-tested or reputable source;
  • Read the descriptions of all the software items mentioned there and analyze their differences;
  • Learn the features and exclusive offers provided by every vendor;
  • Read customers’ testimonials and feedback;
  • Test the platform.

Besides, you can take advantage of the useful page on our website, where you can get detailed instructions and recommendations about how to choose an experienced boardroom provider and beneficial software.

Anyway, a multitude of the board of directors portal software depends not only on its functionality but also on practicability. Currently, there are many organizations that use boardrooms for their purposes but it is possible to highlight the top three most demanded, including:

  • Commercial organizations. Commercial enterprises and companies are not restricted in their choice of board portal software, so a perfect platform for such institutions should only meet their requirements. However, search for corporate secretary software in case you want your whole team to collaborate. Unique tools and exclusive services for information storage and editing are available in such instances. 
  • Nonprofits. Once you run this type of company, you still need to take care of document management, especially when it comes to loads of different information. Make sure you opt for suitable boardroom software, which can guarantee flawless work with all the materials with no risks. 
  • Financial institutions. The main concern of a financial organization is the safety of information and the accuracy of materials. Therefore, trusted and reputable board management software is a must. Confidential collaboration, secure data exchange and protected communication between board members are guaranteed.