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Nasdaq Boardvantage is unique boardroom software for executives and directors, who are ready to improve the effectiveness of their meetings and enhance the productivity of their companies. The service offers a wide diversity of tools and options.

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Boardvantage board communication solution is revolutionary software for executives and directors. The platform offers an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface that preserves a high level of data safety and information confidentiality. The service is widely recognized in the world market as one of the most beneficial options for board communication and company governance. The vendor is considered to be one of the leading board portals in Canada due to its exclusive features and advanced tools.

The platform was built for efficient and effective board materials management. Consequently, the software meets all the requirements and up-to-date challenges of businesses and companies. Generally, it offers easy-to-use, flexible, highly functional and secure apps that help to enhance the performance of the company and communication of its members. 

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Following the recommendations of the previous users, Nasdaq Boardvantage board portal is easy to create and use as a virtual communication spot for board members. Building a board book will not take more than several minutes, while the advantages of its use cannot be overestimated. A special Drag&Drop feature allows uploading materials and documents in bulk, with the structure of folders being preserved. Users can organize information, manage contacts and use e-signatures. A director can launch votes within the board management service to solve certain issues and minor details before the meeting or during it. There is also an option that allows organizing poles, surveys, and questionnaires for administrators who need to gather more information about a specific topic or question.

Boardvantage reviews

With a simple and intuitive interface, all the members of the board communication will take the maximal advantage of all the tools and features. Customers with no technology skills at all will be able to understand the basics of interaction with others. The software can be accessed from a personal computer, tablet or smartphone, irrespective of time and place. Nasdaq Boardvantage customer support team is fast to respond, so you can contact its representatives at any moment if you need to solve any technical problem or any other type of issue. 

The safety of paperless board meetings should also be mentioned, as it is one of the primary concerns of experienced clients. The servers are protected from any risks. Two-factor authentication, up-to-date encryption protocols, and other technologies are employed to guarantee 100% confidentiality and security of uploaded files.