Headquater: USA
Founded: 1998
Website: diligent.com

About Diligent

Diligent boards services are aimed at empowering directors and executives with proper materials, analytics and similar options that can help them access board documents through secure channels. All the participants of the board can track the progress of the company, collect information in real-time, share filed, discuss plans and solve problems. Well-organized, structured governance is the final destination.

Document management
  • Electronic signature
  • Minutes management
  • Voting management
  • Document annotations
Meeting preparation
  • Scheduling
  • Calendar management
  • Agenda management
  • Authentication
Meeting management
  • Board meetings
  • Committee management
  • Access controls/Permissions
  • Member directory
  • Collaboration tools
  • Polls/Voting
Post-meeting tools
  • Task management
  • Approval process management

Diligent portal is an up-to-date solution that is widely used by public organizations and private companies to govern, endure and thrive. Highly functional services and convenient tools increase the productivity of the team and provide the boards with the necessary technology for rapid and efficient development.

Diligent Review: Features and Specifications

Following the reviews of previous customers, Diligent boards are the exact tools that are necessary for modern companies striving to grow and improve the quality of the board meetings. A completely safe environment and an opportunity to share sensitive materials with zero risks, full confidentiality, and similar options are the key reasons to choose Diligent as a boardroom vendor.

Generally, the main peculiarities of Diligent boards are:

  • Simplicity of use. Customer-friendly interface, easy-to-navigate website, transparent decision-making process, easily managed documents and meetings are highly valued by the host of the boardroom, as well as its participants. 
  • Safety. Two-factor authentication, an up-to-date encryption system and a plethora of other tools are employed to guarantee the maximal protection of all the materials shared during the board communications. Additionally, all the files, including sensitive information and important documents, are securely preserved within the boardroom and never passed to the third party.
  • Affordability. Using Diligent board software service, the company gets an exclusive chance to reduce certain expenses. No need to cover transportation expenses or other charges related to organizing and leading board meetings or problem-solving.
  • Accessibility. With new Diligent software, users get a chance to access the platform right on-the-go. No matter what time it is or where you are, there is always an opportunity to stay updated about plans and meetings of the board.
  • Advanced tools. Intuitive services and modern technology take your communication management to a completely new level. Timely analytics, productivity analysis, whiteboard, and multiple other tools help Diligent board books to remain one of the top choices among trusted board portal solutions.
  • Functional services. Real-time updates, discussions, meetings, and analytics are the leading features of Diligent boards room. Such options promote easy and controlled governance and trigger positive results of work.

Basically, Diligent board portal is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with the members of the board in a secure, well-organized and controlled environment. Convenient tools, in their turn, will significantly simplify your tasks and help achieve the desired results much faster.


Can Diligent Board Portal be used for virtual meetings?

Yes, Diligent Board Portal offers a virtual meeting tool that enables board members to participate in meetings remotely and securely.

What are Diligent Board Member Services?

Diligent Board Member Services is a suite of tools and resources designed to help board members access critical information, stay informed of industry best practices, and stay engaged with their board work.

What is Diligent Board Minutes?

Diligent Board Minutes is a tool that streamlines the process of creating, approving, and distributing meeting minutes, enabling boards to maintain accurate records of their meetings and decisions.

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