Headquater: Netherlands
Founded: 1997
Website: ibabs.eu

About iBabs

iBabs board software is a next-generation platform for better workflow. All directors know how difficult it is to prepare well and negotiate with partners. Advanced technology makes things easier. More than 200 thousand organizations around the world have become clients of iBabs. The product continues to gain the recognition and trust of potential users.

Compared to other tools, this platform is considered more reliable and reasonably priced. This software prevents data leaks, reduces paperwork, and improves collaboration. Moreover, the ability to work from any device significantly expands the possibilities of modern business.

Document management
  • Electronic signature
  • Minutes management
  • Materials management
  • Document templates
  • Voting management
Meeting preparation
  • Scheduling
  • Calendar management
  • Agenda management
  • Attendee management
  • Authentication
Meeting management
  • Board meetings
  • Committee management
  • Multi-company
  • Internal meetings
  • Access controls/Permissions
  • Member directory
  • Collaboration tools
  • Polls/Voting
Post-meeting tools
  • Action items tracking
  • Approval process management


  • Mac, Windows, Android operating systems support iBabs. Also, iPhones and iPads are suitable for work.
  • A specially trained team conducts training for the client’s personnel. It can be an individual course, webinars, etc.
  • Technical support helps resolve issues during business hours online.
  • Access to the platform is under control, so the data is out of third-party reach.
  • Managed calendars for directors is a way to organize work. Directors are notified of deadlines, outstanding assignments, and more.
  • Collaboration tools, meaning users can complete tasks together.
  • An electronic signature is a feature that not all providers offer yet. However, it simplifies the implementation of projects and transactions. The party receives the signature of the partner without leaving the office.
  • Here the administrator can create a directory containing information about each employee of the staff. These are name, title, email address, and other information.
  • Meeting minutes are the key to productive negotiations. iBabs offers tools to create and edit them on the platform. Each participant can familiarize themselves with the agenda before the upcoming meeting. Thus, the board of directors is ready to discuss issues and look for solutions.
  • Voting and polling feature helps teams make decisions, taking into account the opinions of each of the participants.

Benefits for Meetings

Before the meeting:

  • iBabs saves directors’ preparation time. All relevant data is on the platform, access to which is controlled by the administrator. Finding files and folders is simplified, and a user no longer has to rummage through emails.
  • Built-in calendars will prevent directors from getting lost in dozens of tasks. From now on, there are no unfulfilled or forgotten tasks. Customers of this software see improvements in the quality of work in their teams because the platform keeps everyone updated.

During the meeting:

  • Each negotiator is working with updated data, and this work is done by iBabs automatically. Now you don’t need to sort documents by date to find the most recent version.
  • Although the electronic format for holding a meeting with colleagues is paperless, each participant has the option to draw or make notes on the pages.
  • Secure access is a significant advantage at all stages of the meeting.  

After the meeting:

  • After negotiations, the board of directors should ensure that they have found solutions and have a plan of action. iBabs keeps such records, so everyone can refresh their memory by viewing reports on the platform.
  • The program monitors the performance of each of the users. No task will go unnoticed, and this increases the chances of more productive and organized work.


What is iBabs?

iBabs is a board portal software designed to help organizations manage meetings, documents, and tasks more efficiently. It offers features such as agenda management, document sharing, voting, and annotations.

Can iBabs be used offline?

Yes, iBabs has an offline mode that allows users to access documents and annotations even without an internet connection.

Is iBabs customizable?

Yes, iBabs is highly customizable with options for branding, workflows, and permissions to meet the specific needs of different organizations.

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