Headquater: USA
Founded: 2014

BoardManagement is a unique software developed to simplify governance. This multifunctional platform enables a user to generate efficient conferences and includes many other capabilities that can optimize process control.

The portal is easy to use and secure for data integrity. It will become an ultimate tool for the collaboration of board members, their assistants, shareholders, and every other person with access to the platform. There is no need to maintain separate schedules and search for reliable storage to keep reporting documents. Connect to BoardManagement and use a unified system.

Document management
  • Minutes management
Meeting preparation
  • Scheduling
  • Calendar management
  • Authentication
Meeting management
  • Access controls/Permissions
  • Member directory

What is BoardManagement for?

BoardManagement is a platform with unauthorized access protection that ensures privacy and engagement for all board members regardless of their geographic location.

Features of the Portal

A set of integrated tools and solutions enables a user to operate the portal without outsourced solutions, to save and add data directly, all at a single point. BoardManagement offers a lot of capabilities for managing the board of directors, such as:

  • to add events and dates indicating the exact time;
  • to send invitations and event notifications;
  • to attach the meeting agenda;
  • to view information about events, responses to queries, and other data;
  • to create a separate standalone discussion page;
  • to track attendance and meeting results and, if required, to archive information for future use.

The platform administrator can view reports on meetings, add new participants, and manage access. The software provides a secure repository for financial and legal documents that are unsafe to be stored on a computer or sent by email. Effective engagement and interaction are facilitated by contacting the participants through personalized profiles and synchronizing communication with a personal email.

BoardManagement enables a user to set new tasks, make secret and public polls, questionnaires, while all the information remains within the platform.


For data ordering, files are arranged into separate folders, their formation is not restricted. They can be dragged and dropped, their sequence can be changed. Documents can be added with the mouse. A director has the right to control access by granting it to all or certain participants. Using tags makes it easier to search through a large number of saved sections.

Discussion and task control

During discussions, users can add comments and attach graphic or text files to them, using messages in the same order as in e-mail. At the same time, there is a list of the board members with their profiles. A user can send personal messages to them, switch between organizations. These features are available from one account.

Advantages offered by BoardManagement

  • access and permission control;
  • available to non-profit structures;
  • 30-day trial version without linking a credit card;
  • confidentiality of records, conversations, and messages;
  • unlimited storage for folders and files;
  • attendance at any event from any corner of the planet.

The subscription has been taken advantage of by some renowned companies and institutions, including Moravian College, Pontis, Oklahoma Bar Foundation, and many others. BoardManagement includes solutions developed for non-profit organizations, education, government, business.


Does BoardManagement offer a free trial?

Yes, BoardManagement offers a 14-day free trial for new users to try out their software platform.

How does BoardManagement help with board meeting management?

BoardManagement offers features such as meeting scheduling, agenda creation, and minute-taking to streamline board meeting management and increase efficiency.

Can BoardManagement be used for remote board meetings?

Yes, BoardManagement offers a virtual meeting module that allows for remote participation and collaboration during board meetings.

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