Headquater: Canada
Founded: 2014

About Boardspace

Boardspace is a management software that has become popular for its usability and reliability. The development team created this tool with the interests and needs of volunteer boards of directors in mind. After all, the well-being of the communities served depends on their work.

Boardspace is committed to transparent cooperation with customers. The company positions itself as a learning organization striving for continuous progress and making the best product on the market.

Document management
  • Minutes management
  • Document annotations
Meeting preparation
  • Authentication
Meeting management
  • Board meetings
  • Access controls/Permissions
  • Member directory
  • Collaboration tools
Post-meeting tools
  • Approval process management

Clients report improved organization and efficiency. The preparation and conduct of volunteer-led board meetings have reached a higher level.


The advanced functionality and capabilities of this online portal exclude additional tools for workflows. The provider offers tuition online, webinars, or documentation. The training is fast since the platform does not require IT skills due to its accessibility and simplicity.

Technical support is available during business hours. A team of experts assists in case of need.

Before becoming a BoardSpace client, every potential user gets the opportunity to test the product.

Among other features are:

  • tools for managing and working on documents;
  • the tight control of access to files;
  • the platform administrators’ powers to manage permissions;
  • working with minutes;
  • control of the approval process;
  • the ability to work collaboratively applying the appropriate functions;
  • a directory of board members and information about them on the platform.

Another advantage that attracts boards of directors is keeping the data on the platform structured. Business people are always busy and rarely have time to search and organize files and folders. That is why the program itself, without the user’s help, deals with the tasks above.

In general, all functions are for simplifying and facilitating the work of all volunteer boards of directors. Client organizations face challenges, relying on the provider’s  support and professionalism.

Main advantages of Boardspace

The table below summarizes the benefits that clients of this platform enjoy. Also, you can see how it works.

1.Meetings of directors that are relieved of typical problems and difficultiesThe developers have implemented all the necessary tools for negotiations and high-quality cooperation into the platform. There is no need to look for additional programs to perform business tasks.
2.Ease of use that accelerates workflowsBoardspace thing is to minimize the time spent looking for a file, folder, or feature. It also allows users to hold meetings without being distracted by technical issues. Accordingly, conferences are faster and more efficient.
3.Less time spent on routine jobs, but better resultsThe provider is ready to take over the management and control of the boardroom. That is, the client has more resources for more important matters.

The above list is not complete. Yet, experience has shown, it is these advantages that attract:

  • condominiums,
  • non-profit and commercial organizations,
  • voluntary associations,
  • housing cooperatives,
  • homeowner associations.

Boarspace helps organizations keep meetings and data organized. Clients note the high progress and improved quality of cooperation with this software implementation. It is the best trump card of Boardspace.


What is BoardSpace?

BoardSpace is a board portal software designed for easy collaboration between board members and executives. It provides secure document sharing, meeting scheduling, and real-time messaging to help streamline board management.

Can BoardSpace be accessed on mobile devices?

Yes, BoardSpace offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, allowing board members to access board materials and participate in meetings from anywhere.

What kind of security features does BoardSpace offer?

BoardSpace offers multiple layers of security, including data encryption, password protection, and two-factor authentication, to ensure that board documents and communications remain confidential.

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