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Founded: 1998

About eShare

With innovative features and up-to-date technologies implemented, the users of eShare can automate the process and advance the quality of board communication management. Despite loads of information used by the members of the board, the service can be used for its safe and protected storage and exchange. As a result, customers get a unique opportunity to make decisions and discuss plans in a 100% secure and highly functional environment. 

Document management
  • Electronic signature
  • Minutes management
  • Voting management
  • Document annotations
Meeting preparation
  • Calendar management
  • Agenda management
  • Attendee management
  • Authentication
Meeting management
  • Board meetings
  • Committee management
  • Access controls/Permissions
  • Member directory
  • Collaboration tools
  • Polls/Voting
Post-meeting tools
  • Action items tracking
  • Approval process management

A simple-to-navigate boardroom doesn’t just replace traditional paper-based meetings with online encounters but uses all the digital potential to improve the board. Review your files, share sensitive information, upload documents easily and make sure other members of the board are informed about all the changes that take place within the service. Apart from traditional advantages, such as higher safety level and convenience, eShare offers enhanced governance. 

Additionally, the platform is exceptionally cost-effective and provides its users with an opportunity to save money both on meeting preparations, conducting and follow-ups. The delivery of board pack as well as a range of other expenses associated with the team collaboration can be successfully eliminated. Besides, digitizing the board communication, you can expect more than just transferring from paper to cloud-based information storage.

The quality of governance is much higher if all the members of the board are informed about all the updates. After a single login, the user gets access to all the documents and files. An interactive agenda, topic history, voting system, and similar options contribute greatly to the achievement of the desired effect.

Safety, Convenience, and Efficiency of the Platform

eShare boardpack is an intuitive, customer-friendly boardroom that is accessible on phone, tablet, and computer. The software can help advance governance, save time and improve compliance. The platform is useful for all the board members but it features exceptional benefits for administrators and directors. 

meeting improvement

All the materials are well-organized and safely stored within the cloud-based platform. The documents are protected by a modern encryption protocol, two-factor authentication and a range of other tools. While usual documents can be damaged, lost or stolen, eShare provides an exclusive opportunity to eliminate such risks and exchange information within the protected area. An extra layer of security can protect even the most sensitive materials. 

Apart from the cloud-based platform, eShare boardpack users can take advantage of a safe and convenient mobile application use. While portability is highly valued nowadays, constant access to important materials is a great way to control your business. Public key certificate, 256-bit SSL data transfer, isolated and encrypted storage are the preventative measures that guarantee maximal safety of files and documents while using the mobile app.


What is eShare board software?

eShare board software is a cloud-based solution designed to improve the governance and compliance of board and committee meetings. It provides a secure platform for board members to collaborate, share documents, and make decisions efficiently.

How does eShare board software ensure security?

eShare board software has a range of security measures to protect data, including encryption, multi-factor authentication, and access controls. The system is also compliant with ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management.

Can eShare board software integrate with other systems?

Yes, eShare board software can integrate with other systems such as Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Google Drive. This allows board members to access and work on documents from within the eShare platform, as well as easily share information with others outside of the system.

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