Shaparency Board Portal

Headquater: United Kingdom
Founded: 2020
Shaparency Board Portal

About Shaparency

Shaparency is a modern developer of application programs designed to solve business-related problems in a rapidly changing world. The provider’s top priority is to make sure that software products target the particular characteristics of its clients’ work processes; it designs platforms that can fully satisfy all the tasks being faced.

Document management
  • Electronic signature
  • Minutes management
Meeting preparation
  • Calendar management
  • Authentication
Meeting management
  • Board meetings
  • Access controls/Permissions
  • Member directory
  • Collaboration tools
  • Polls/Voting
Post-meeting tools
  • Action items tracking
  • Approval process management

One example of the fusion of the universal algorithm and capabilities of flexible custom settings is the Shaparency board meeting software platform designed to assist in managing boards of directors and interacting with shareholders. The most sophisticated information technologies and Shaparency’s unconventional approach to solving the assigned tasks were used to design this software product.

Main Features

The main purpose of the Shaparency board meeting software platform is to facilitate liaising with shareholders, manage document flow both within the company and in relations with clients, as well as streamline the workflow.

Initially, the program is intended for efficient operation in the small and medium-sized business. Shaparency board meeting software will become an irreplaceable assistant for:

  •  trust administration firms;
  •  startups;
  •  small and medium business owners;
  •  non-profit funds and organizations;
  •  corporate administration firms;
  •  government agencies, other companies, and firms.

The Shaparency board meeting software platform has a wide range of built-in tools essential for a successful business in any sector. Many flexible customization options enable a user to tailor the program to meet the business or non-profit organization’s specific needs.  

The Shaparency board meeting software platform features the following main advantage: during the operation, all data sources are combined, and all incoming information is brought together into a single center. Thus, there is no need for coordination and synchronization procedures, which are usually too time-consuming. It provides the possibility to perform all management and organization activities from one terminal:

  • to send and receive documents;
  • to hold conferences and meetings of boards of directors;
  • to view and create scheduled events with notifications to be sent to all relevant employees;
  • to conduct polls and votes in a real-time mode;
  • to keep and review records of all meetings, resolutions, and other events within the company;
  • to approve documents, etc.

Proper time management will improve your company’s performance level and become an additional incentive for the rapid development and mastering of new business activities.

Main Advantages

Regardless of how big your business is and what exactly it does, the Shaparency board meeting software platform provides many benefits to any of its users. Its most notable and essential advantages include:

  • access control – only the platform administrator decides which employee shall have access to the system and at what level, the built-in data protection system is reliable and unassailable;
  • a digital signature is an important option that enables users to approve decisions and certify documents remotely in real-time;
  • schedule management – allows users to create events and notify everyone involved;
  • document management – organizes document flow and makes it more transparent for users;
  • it is suitable not only for business but also for non-profit organizations.

Thanks to flexible customization options, the universal Shaparency board meeting software platform will enable each user to design the most convenient modification and get reliable and robust assistant in their operations.


What is Shaparency, and how does it work?

Shaparency is a board portal software designed to make governance and compliance more accessible and transparent. It offers tools for document management, board evaluations, voting and approvals, and stakeholder engagement. It is accessible online or offline, and can be used on any device.

What sets Shaparency apart from other board portal software?

Shaparency is unique in its focus on transparency and engagement. It offers features like live voting, interactive presentations, and real-time communication to make board meetings more engaging and collaborative. It also allows stakeholders to access relevant information and participate in decision-making, increasing transparency and accountability.

Is Shaparency easy to use?

Yes, Shaparency is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Its interface is customizable, so you can tailor it to your organization’s specific needs. It also offers training and support resources, including webinars, user guides, and customer support.

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